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  • Strategic Business Development Services: Plan, educate, advise, assist, advocate and make key introductions to industry and government.
  • Provide meeting reports from Venn meetings at U.S. Government Agencies
  • Represent Client interests to government and industry partners
  • Provide up-to-date competitive business factors
  • Provide Capture support on competitive bids
  • Strategic Price to Win
  • Orals Coaching
  • Graphic design support

Venn was created in 2010 to expose and join exceptional individuals, customers and companies to bring about better, faster, cheaper mission successes that foster American values.  Increasing the economic value and merits of business transactions increase true mission successes.


Venn’s methodology focuses on researching customers’ strategic goals and discussing with them, the challenges, successes and barriers they have faced. Simultaneous engagements with industry providers expose intersections of finite elements to overcome these challenges and provide innovative solutions.


The way this works

Specific individuals are first bridged together. Resources are identified. Corporate and Client goals are identified. Contractual requirements are identified.  The intersections of these elements create a unique Venn diagram solution that allows all parties to save time and money while achieving their goals. People, Passion and Purpose are the core of Venn Solutions.


A traditional barrier to success that a Venn model breaks down is matching the right people with the right “infrastructure” for the Client and Providers to achieve tailored solution successes.


Venn Services provide insight, resources, advisory services, introductions and full-life cycle advocacy. Teams are formed inside of companies and/or between companies with unique abilities designed specifically to eliminate barriers to success.


A wealth of resources and business knowledge are the cornerstone of Venn’s ease of doing business in this model. 20 years of experience to draw from is exponentially multiplied in Venn’s unlimited circle of business relationships.






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